Why you should go to Newline 2013

What’s Newline?

Well it’s a free conference in Whitespace, the hackerspace in Ghent. If you’re not from around, there’s a room available for sleeping on your own mattress and sleeping-bag on Friday and Saturday night.

I can speak for the others but I’m pretty sure they will be giving some awesome talks :D.

But I can tell you this about my talks: you probably noticed I like talking about security. Well both my talks will be about something new and I won’t publish the slides.
So if you want to hear some new stuff, just be there!

What will I be talking about?

1. Rogue Colocation of SMS gateways and tor boxes
Anonymity means a lot to some people.
I’ll explain how you can setup, maintain and protect a tor box or SMS gateway in a “public” environment.

2. You shouldn’t: Ticket “free” transportation
I’ll explain some flaws in both the public transport sector and the parking tickets.*


The website
Facebook event
Google+ event


*This does not include a demo for legal reasons.


Spyjax 2.0: Input history

When your typing in some text you’ll always make some kind of mistake.
Or maybe you’ll copy past something and then replace a few words. Maybe It’s not your text but you can replace some of the references and make it yours, nobody knows, right?

Or do they…

Using javascript we can record everything the user typed 😛
I’ve mentioned this in a previous post.

I’ve made a quick demo: http://ict-blue.be/qwaxys/projects/replay/.

When you hit submit on the demo, you’ll see the result. In reality you won’t. I would just use the last text as what I need (a comment, review, solicitation?) and store the complete history in a database.

Then anytime I want (or somebody else, perhaps the future employer..) It’s just a matter of replaying that data.

Just imagine the possibilities…

Evil IT stuff


Some of these ideas are great, some are funny and others are horrific and plain wrong.
I’m not saying you should, I’m just saying you could.
These are just some random ideas about what you can do with current technology.

Social annoyance

Make a website that uses Facebook connect.
When the site is open, at random times quietly whisper the users first name.


Make a smartphone app that actually has a purpose.
At random times make the phone vibrate or play the default ringtone/new text tone.

Shopping spree

Make yourself an active high powered RFID tag.
Go sit across the shop and make the alarm go off every time somebody exits the shop.
Once they are sick of checking every person leaving the shop, it’s time to go shopping!

Capture somebody’s previous input

If you have a webform, you can receive the input the user has submitted.
But what about the loose ideas or copy pasts?
Well we can just bind an event to every input, save every action into local storage.
When the form is submit we add a hidden field with the form history and then continue to submit the form.

More soonish.

Let’s get drunk, for science!

De wonderbaarlijke bruistablet EQQI ! Probeer nu je eerste EQQI tablet uit op onze kosten!

So a Belgian company claims to have a cure for a hangover. Well I want to test this before I believe it.

So what do we do? Well first we get our free sample. You should like the page and receive a coupon.*
Then, we place an order, include the coupon code and receive a free sample.

The people who are interested should definitely do this, then depending on who’s joining me,
we meet up, have a party some Friday night and see if it actually works!

My prediction: headache, lot’s of headaches…

*There are currently some bugs on the site, I’ve reported those and they’re fixing them asap.

Hallo Bart !
Onze excuses ! IEDEREEN krijgt zijn GRATIS exemplaar !
We gaan dit rechtzetten ! bedankt voor de feedback !
Wij zorgen dat dit allemaal zo snel mogelijk in orde komt !
Dit is allemaal nieuw voor ons !

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You shouldn’t: minimize a fullscreen application on a public computer.

What is it?

Sticky Keys, the feature that turns a keyboard into a soundboard when you press shift 5 times.

Of course this is an accessibility feature to help computer users who have physical disabilities,
but let’s analyse those keys in function of a fullscreen application for example a Kiosk Browser.

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You shouldn’t: free sms, random identity theft and sms DoS attack

Interesting title right? Well let’s start from the beginning. I love free services and I don’t mind if they come with advertisements if it’s worth it. What I don’t like is yet another free service quickly made with as much care for security as a chain smoker on the Hindenburg Zeppelin.

I’ve send them a mail on 7 December 2011 and they haven’t replied. So I did warn them.

Now the fun part!

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