The Rocky Workout

Yesterday, this is what I tweeted:

And so I did.

I’ve added the song 10 times. There are 435 tracks on my iPod.

I’m not sure how really random the iPod Shuffle algorithm is but according to my calculations the chances of having to workout is around 2.299%. That seems very reasonable πŸ˜›

Note that the workout isn’t limited to the length of the song. The song is there to get you started!

So far:

I had a little jog

I did pull-ups in the tram (top right)

I postponed my surprise workout for practical reasons at work until my lunch break (before eating) to go run up and down (once) the stairs of K12.

And more will be posted soonish.


The Allwinner A13 epic fail

allwinnerA 13

I’m not going to say much about the tablet, I just bought this tablet for a couple of reasons. When I’m watching a movie on the TV it bothers me I’ve got to pause it to check my Facebook, chat, etc..

So I bought a tablet on iBood for: Facebook, Twitter, Browsing the internet, XBMC Remote, watch a movie on the train and to show my holiday pics to my family and friends.

The tablet does that perfectly, I got what I paid forΒ (€70) so I’m happy, however I discovered one epic fail.

I considered putting a custom ROM on just to try and experiment. So I went to settings, system and there was the option: reboot into recovery mode.

Great! Let’s Try that!

Result: a small option menu (screenshot will be posted someday) with the following explanation: Use the volume buttons to change your selection, use home to enter.

Here’s the catch: there is no physical home button.

I mean, really? How difficult would it have been to use volume+ to change the selection and volume- as the enter button?

Ah well I’ve contacted them, let’s see where that goes…

Surprise speed dating

Every noon I go to the cafeteria for lunch and it’s mostly so crowded that you have to join a random stranger at his/her table, which leads to rather surprising an interesting conversations.

This noon however there were 4 tables for 2 persons, in a row with at each table an interesting looking girl. Which one to pick?

All of them.

I set my timer to go off every 5 minutes, joined the first table and started talking.


Then when the timer went off, I went unto the next table, and the next. When I was seated at the third table, the girl at the next table looked rather amused and even tough she already finished her meal some time ago, she still waited πŸ˜€ (Natalie, you rock!)

Well, I had fun and met new people, what more can I ask for during lunch break, right? πŸ˜€

Party & Fun calendar

Because I doing lot’s of stuff, here’s my public calendar, any event listed there is open to everyone so feel to join me.
Or if you’re planning something, try to find a space where I’m not doing anything πŸ˜‰

New TV!

A friend of mine had this TV that needed a place to stay for a year, I happily volunteered to babysit it. πŸ˜€
It’s a PDP-502MXE, 50″ is damn big!

But I had some problems, there was no TV stand and some Windows problems with the resolution.

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Il Mago di Oz

Yesterday I went to visit Orvieto. Walking in those typical tiny alleys I discovered a small shop: Il Mago di Oz, in English also know as the Wizard of Oz. And a Wizard he is! The most amazing toys on display, all hand made by this one man. Mr. Magorium’s Wonder Emporium was nothing compared to it. I felt like the first time I saw Harry walking into Diagon Alley, Magic.

Thought He only spoke a few words English he managed to explain quite a few things while demonstrating various toys. Pianos as tiny as a matchbox that worked just fine. A puppet house that changed into a full blown working theater at one push on a button! Toy soldiers so small but yet so detailed you could have a battlefield on a single euro…

More text and photos after the jump!
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Hide the @facebook Email from your Timeline/Profile

You might have or haven’t noticed facebook now chooses as your default email address.

Restoring it back to the normal one is very easy, just go to your contact info and edit it with this settings:

Hide for everybody. Don’t show it on your timeline.
Show your default one on your timeline. Privacy settings: choose wisely πŸ˜›