Pi – Phone

Recently I boughty myself a Raspberry Pi.
And today it was Retro Beurs (a sort of flea market) so I said to myself: go find something to mount the Pi in.
I had only 3 requirements:

  • The Pi should fit inside. (duh)
  • It’s gotta be cheap.
  • It should look awesome.

This is the result:
I think it looks pretty awesome πŸ˜›

After opening up I discovered I got exactly what I needed and nothing more. The phone itself wasn’t there. Neither were the speaker or microphone.
So much room for activities πŸ˜€

My ideas so far:

  • Get the dialler working with the gpio pins.
  • Get a USB microphone.
  • Build microphone and speaker into the horn.
  • Do some research on Skype, Google talk, SIP, etc
  • Configuration and programming hell. πŸ˜›