Spyjax 2.0: Input history

When your typing in some text you’ll always make some kind of mistake.
Or maybe you’ll copy past something and then replace a few words. Maybe It’s not your text but you can replace some of the references and make it yours, nobody knows, right?

Or do they…

Using javascript we can record everything the user typed πŸ˜›
I’ve mentioned this in a previous post.

I’ve made a quick demo: http://ict-blue.be/qwaxys/projects/replay/.

When you hit submit on the demo, you’ll see the result. In reality you won’t. I would just use the last text as what I need (a comment, review, solicitation?) and store the complete history in a database.

Then anytime I want (or somebody else, perhaps the future employer..) It’s just a matter of replaying that data.

Just imagine the possibilities…


Achievement generator

There used to be a very pretty achievements generator at http://teamfortress2.fr/achievements.php?eng

But apparently it broke because of some missing JavaScript and CSS files.

Using archive.org I’ve managed to get those files.

Then I crammed everything together in one HTML file πŸ™‚


Mirror: http://ict-blue.be/qwaxys/projects/TF2-achievements/


PS: you can just copy the HTML and run it locally or host it yourself πŸ˜‰

London: There and Back Again

I like London, great city, lot’s of stuff to do. But it’s not next door so that means traveling.

I prefer traveling cheap so most of the time I use Megabus πŸ˜› .

They’re a nice, low-budget bus company.

However their site makes it quite hard to get an overview of all the cheapest days.

So I’ve made a little tool for myself πŸ˜€