Why you should go to Newline 2013

What’s Newline?

Well it’s a free conference in Whitespace, the hackerspace in Ghent. If you’re not from around, there’s a room available for sleeping on your own mattress and sleeping-bag on Friday and Saturday night.

I can speak for the others but I’m pretty sure they will be giving some awesome talks :D.

But I can tell you this about my talks: you probably noticed I like talking about security. Well both my talks will be about something new and I won’t publish the slides.
So if you want to hear some new stuff, just be there!

What will I be talking about?

1. Rogue Colocation of SMS gateways and tor boxes
Anonymity means a lot to some people.
I’ll explain how you can setup, maintain and protect a tor box or SMS gateway in a “public” environment.

2. You shouldn’t: Ticket “free” transportation
I’ll explain some flaws in both the public transport sector and the parking tickets.*


The website
Facebook event
Google+ event


*This does not include a demo for legal reasons.


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