Why you should go to Newline 2013

What’s Newline?

Well it’s a free conference in Whitespace, the hackerspace in Ghent. If you’re not from around, there’s a room available for sleeping on your own mattress and sleeping-bag on Friday and Saturday night.

I can speak for the others but I’m pretty sure they will be giving some awesome talks :D.

But I can tell you this about my talks: you probably noticed I like talking about security. Well both my talks will be about something new and I won’t publish the slides.
So if you want to hear some new stuff, just be there!

What will I be talking about?

1. Rogue Colocation of SMS gateways and tor boxes
Anonymity means a lot to some people.
I’ll explain how you can setup, maintain and protect a tor box or SMS gateway in a “public” environment.

2. You shouldn’t: Ticket “free” transportation
I’ll explain some flaws in both the public transport sector and the parking tickets.*


The website
Facebook event
Google+ event


*This does not include a demo for legal reasons.


Spyjax 2.0: Input history

When your typing in some text you’ll always make some kind of mistake.
Or maybe you’ll copy past something and then replace a few words. Maybe It’s not your text but you can replace some of the references and make it yours, nobody knows, right?

Or do they…

Using javascript we can record everything the user typed πŸ˜›
I’ve mentioned this in a previous post.

I’ve made a quick demo: http://ict-blue.be/qwaxys/projects/replay/.

When you hit submit on the demo, you’ll see the result. In reality you won’t. I would just use the last text as what I need (a comment, review, solicitation?) and store the complete history in a database.

Then anytime I want (or somebody else, perhaps the future employer..) It’s just a matter of replaying that data.

Just imagine the possibilities…

Pi – Phone

Recently I boughty myself a Raspberry Pi.
And today it was Retro Beurs (a sort of flea market) so I said to myself: go find something to mount the Pi in.
I had only 3 requirements:

  • The Pi should fit inside. (duh)
  • It’s gotta be cheap.
  • It should look awesome.

This is the result:
I think it looks pretty awesome πŸ˜›

After opening up I discovered I got exactly what I needed and nothing more. The phone itself wasn’t there. Neither were the speaker or microphone.
So much room for activities πŸ˜€

My ideas so far:

  • Get the dialler working with the gpio pins.
  • Get a USB microphone.
  • Build microphone and speaker into the horn.
  • Do some research on Skype, Google talk, SIP, etc
  • Configuration and programming hell. πŸ˜›

Sabam: Oh no you didn’t!

They did.

For the ones who don’t speak Dutch: Sabam is the RIAA for Belgium.
They just gave me a reply with a list of their prices πŸ˜›