Evil IT stuff


Some of these ideas are great, some are funny and others are horrific and plain wrong.
I’m not saying you should, I’m just saying you could.
These are just some random ideas about what you can do with current technology.

Social annoyance

Make a website that uses Facebook connect.
When the site is open, at random times quietly whisper the users first name.


Make a smartphone app that actually has a purpose.
At random times make the phone vibrate or play the default ringtone/new text tone.

Shopping spree

Make yourself an active high powered RFID tag.
Go sit across the shop and make the alarm go off every time somebody exits the shop.
Once they are sick of checking every person leaving the shop, it’s time to go shopping!

Capture somebody’s previous input

If you have a webform, you can receive the input the user has submitted.
But what about the loose ideas or copy pasts?
Well we can just bind an event to every input, save every action into local storage.
When the form is submit we add a hidden field with the form history and then continue to submit the form.

More soonish.


One Comment on “Evil IT stuff”

  1. […] Using javascript we can record everything the user typed I’ve mentioned this in a previous post. […]

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