The Allwinner A13 epic fail

allwinnerA 13

I’m not going to say much about the tablet, I just bought this tablet for a couple of reasons. When I’m watching a movie on the TV it bothers me I’ve got to pause it to check my Facebook, chat, etc..

So I bought a tablet on iBood for: Facebook, Twitter, Browsing the internet, XBMC Remote, watch a movie on the train and to show my holiday pics to my family and friends.

The tablet does that perfectly, I got what I paid for (€70) so I’m happy, however I discovered one epic fail.

I considered putting a custom ROM on just to try and experiment. So I went to settings, system and there was the option: reboot into recovery mode.

Great! Let’s Try that!

Result: a small option menu (screenshot will be posted someday) with the following explanation: Use the volume buttons to change your selection, use home to enter.

Here’s the catch: there is no physical home button.

I mean, really? How difficult would it have been to use volume+ to change the selection and volume- as the enter button?

Ah well I’ve contacted them, let’s see where that goes…