Let’s get drunk, for science!

De wonderbaarlijke bruistablet EQQI ! Probeer nu je eerste EQQI tablet uit op onze kosten!

So a Belgian company claims to have a cure for a hangover. Well I want to test this before I believe it.

So what do we do? Well first we get our free sample. You should like the page and receive a coupon.*
Then, we place an order, include the coupon code and receive a free sample.

The people who are interested should definitely do this, then depending on who’s joining me,
we meet up, have a party some Friday night and see if it actually works!

My prediction: headache, lot’s of headaches…

*There are currently some bugs on the site, I’ve reported those and they’re fixing them asap.

Hallo Bart !
Onze excuses ! IEDEREEN krijgt zijn GRATIS exemplaar !
We gaan dit rechtzetten ! bedankt voor de feedback !
Wij zorgen dat dit allemaal zo snel mogelijk in orde komt !
Dit is allemaal nieuw voor ons !

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