New TV!

A friend of mine had this TV that needed a place to stay for a year, I happily volunteered to babysit it. 😀
It’s a PDP-502MXE, 50″ is damn big!

But I had some problems, there was no TV stand and some Windows problems with the resolution.

First, the stand, how did we fix it? Well I had a TV cabinet but it was to small so I’ve put a computer case In between. (for the media centre)

Then we attached a board to the back of the cabinet and attached the TV to the board.

One more problem, when I use two screens, I can change the output signal for the TV and everything works. However when I disconnect the screen Windows tries to change the resolution of the TV and the TV displays nothing.

That’s kinda annoying. Solution? Display Changer! After putting a script in the startup folder my problem was solved.

dc.exe -width=1280 -height=768 -refresh=60

On a random note, I must say Pioneer does a great job at documenting: datasheet.


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