Il Mago di Oz

Yesterday I went to visit Orvieto. Walking in those typical tiny alleys I discovered a small shop: Il Mago di Oz, in English also know as the Wizard of Oz. And a Wizard he is! The most amazing toys on display, all hand made by this one man. Mr. Magorium’s Wonder Emporium was nothing compared to it. I felt like the first time I saw Harry walking into Diagon Alley, Magic.

Thought He only spoke a few words English he managed to explain quite a few things while demonstrating various toys. Pianos as tiny as a matchbox that worked just fine. A puppet house that changed into a full blown working theater at one push on a button! Toy soldiers so small but yet so detailed you could have a battlefield on a single euro…

More text and photos after the jump!

He also gave me a brochure of which I will quote the intro text so you might get a better idea what I’m talking about.

There is a small shop in Orvieto, in via delgli Artigiani close to the Cathedral, that looks like an enchanted cave. Who else could inhabit it, surrounded by all kinds of shapes and sounds, collection pieces and figurines but the wondrous Mago di Oz?
He is the enchanter who, through his marvellous spells, as in faries world, brings the visitor on a fascinating journey. So in this dreamy artisan shop, where all is cared for in every particular, it’s easy to come upon the most intriguing characters. Among so many wonders, the most intriguing are the handmade cabinets and bookcases, which by there accuracy and attention to detail, tell the tale of who commissioned them.

Tell the wizard about the most important moments of your life, the ones that makes it so unique and peculiar, and he will make it all come to life in the miniatures which will adorn these masterpieces. Each fragment, every detail is important: hobbies, travels, photos, books, the music you love. Anything that you feel is important and special to illustrate your life.

Here are some more pictures, bit have a look at his website to see much more and better ones:


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