League of Legends got hacked

Today I got this friendly email in my inbox:

But hey! They’re sorry! [source]

We’re sorry

Here we might see another example of the weakest link in the chain effect.
If they use something like MD5(password + SALT) it’s a bit harder to crack that stuff, right?

Thanks to people having passwords like “password” and “123456” you simply calculate the hashes only for those passwords with lots of different salts.

Then you just search for matches in the list, see if the login works. If it does, you found yourself the salt you where looking for!

And there you go, less security because some idiots use weak passwords.
Thanks for nothing bastards!


One Comment on “League of Legends got hacked”

  1. it’s still the fault of the website owners because they make it possible for idiots to be able to enter weak passwords

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