Hide the @facebook Email from your Timeline/Profile

You might have or haven’t noticed facebook now chooses username@facebook.com as your default email address.

Restoring it back to the normal one is very easy, just go to your contact info and edit it with this settings:

Hide username@facebook.com for everybody. Don’t show it on your timeline.
Show your default one on your timeline. Privacy settings: choose wisely 😛


Every Mobile Social App Site, Ever

(Via bramus)

jQuery Youtube Player Plugin

I needed some code to show a youtube video in an overlay on my teapot page.

So I’ve found this easy to use jQuery plugin: jQuery Youtube Player Plugin.

Almost everything I needed was already implemented, I just had to add the functionality to start from a certain time.

Oh also, while I was changing stuff, I fixed a css issue with the rounded corners it didn’t look right because of the youtube video.
Just add this somewhere in your stylesheet:

div.youtubepopup div.ui-corner-all {
    border-radius: 6px 6px 0 0;

And I changed the default attribute for the youtube Id to data-youtube-id because the rel attribute is supposed to specify the relationship between the current document and the linked document, not some unrelated data…
Because of this attribute we don’t need to use a class to select our youtube links we can simple use:

$(document).ready(function() {

You can get the complete code after the jump!

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League of Legends got hacked

Today I got this friendly email in my inbox:

But hey! They’re sorry! [source]

We’re sorry

Here we might see another example of the weakest link in the chain effect.
If they use something like MD5(password + SALT) it’s a bit harder to crack that stuff, right?

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