Indoor hunting live animals

So some anonymous asshole in this building decided to leave some fruit rotting in the kitchen when I was away for a day.

Because I hate those little fruit flies I decided they all had to die. Genuine  genocide, because I can!

I went to the shop to get a some bug spray but it was all sold out, the horror!

However what was next to big gaping empty whole? Stickers. Yes, stickers, you put ’em on the window and it attracts flies because it smells “sexually attractive”. After making a mental note that there is a huge market for that product applied to human species I bought some.

Back at home I put one on each window and sure enough, the flies come to the window and then do absolutely nothing.

My guess is that they’re all depressed because the sexy smells comes from a huge ugly yellow sticker labelled poison and not an attractive fly.

Now! The Game! (You’ve lost it.)

So me and a room-mate each took a window and a newspaper and started killing bugs like a Windows developer a few hours before release.

The rules? Each player gets the same time, the loser cleans the windows.


dear PETA members, you are welcome 24/7 to come and evacuate all flies in the building without harming them. You can find them on the window morning their fellow flies fallen combat.

dear fly-hater: any donations send with reference “kill the flies!” will be solely used for buying poison and tools for the complete elimination of flies in this building. You’re also welcome to come and play but don’t forget, you lose, you clean!


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