Indoor hunting live animals

So some anonymous asshole in this building decided to leave some fruit rotting in the kitchen when I was away for a day.

Because I hate those little fruit flies I decided they all had to die. Genuine  genocide, because I can!

I went to the shop to get a some bug spray but it was all sold out, the horror!

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You shouldn’t: minimize a fullscreen application on a public computer.

What is it?

Sticky Keys, the feature that turns a keyboard into a soundboard when you press shift 5 times.

Of course this is an accessibility feature to help computer users who have physical disabilities,
but let’s analyse those keys in function of a fullscreen application for example a Kiosk Browser.

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You shouldn’t: free sms, random identity theft and sms DoS attack

Interesting title right? Well let’s start from the beginning. I love free services and I don’t mind if they come with advertisements if it’s worth it. What I don’t like is yet another free service quickly made with as much care for security as a chain smoker on the Hindenburg Zeppelin.

I’ve send them a mail on 7 December 2011 and they haven’t replied. So I did warn them.

Now the fun part!

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Bookmarklet for

 For the Twoo users who don’t have the diamond feature, you might have noticed that the “View Profile” button doesn’t work so there is no way you can see her/his profile.
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Hello world!

I decided I needed a blog so here it is. I’ll add content whenever I got time and probably when I don’t too.